Covert Methods of Entry I

Enrollment Restricted Course

Only individuals who are active-duty law enforcement officers, prosecutors, investigators or agents; or, active-duty members of the U.S. military, and civilian Department of Defense (DOD), or U.S. intelligence community employees will be accepted for enrollment in our programs. Non-sworn, civilian employees, technicians, or other professionals who are employed in a direct operational support role; or members of the National Guard & Reserves may also attend restricted enrollment programs, providing such training is required in order to perform their government, or U.S. military, DOD, or intelligence related duties.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The CTCGS series of Lock Courses are specifically designed for those individuals who will be charged with performing sanctioned secret entries for the purpose of executing the authorizing provisions of federal laws which deal with court‑ordered wire, or oral communications intercepts of conversations; the seizure of other electronic data ordered by a federal court of competent jurisdiction; or to provide emergency, silent entry support for classified military activities/operations as ordered. 


Course details



The basic lock course is an intense entry level 40 plus hour POI of formal classroom instruction and structured practical exercises (PRACTEX) relating to the majority of key operated locks likely to be encountered by an officer or operator ordered to conduct or supervise a legally sanctioned surreptitious entry on behalf of his or her agency.  Upon successful completion of this course, each student will be able to identify and surreptitiously neutralize through picking or other approved covert by  pass techniques, the majority of key operated locks which are used to secure interior and exterior doors, gates, padlocked containers, and other "things" where a key operated cylinder lock, mortise lock, or padlock is used to deny, or restrict access.  Additionally, each student will be capable of neutralizing through manipulation, or other non-destructive by pass techniques, the majority of combination locking systems used on combination padlocks, luggage and attaché cases, and other like devices or containers.

Skill Objectives

The CTCGS series of Entry courses represent the very best special entry POI’s available to law enforcement officers and special military operators.  This course will provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of how key operated locks are constructed and how they can be neutralized through picking, by-pass, key impressioning and other accepted clandestine opening techniques.  This is a course that will teach each student how to select and use commercially available lock picks; how to make special purpose picks and other opening tools from readily available materials; how to disassemble & reassemble cylinder pin tumbler locks; how to re-key, or re-pin pin tumbler locks and how to decode and make a properly cut key.  They will also learn how to acquire properly cut keys through a variety of special acquisition techniques. Students will be taught how to make keys by the impression method, how to decode and manipulate the opening of several different types of combination padlocks and luggage locks.  Each student shall also be taught how to safely operate a variety of metal-working shop tools, special locksmithing principles, and the expert individual skills and special entry techniques required in order to operate successfully as a member of a legally sanctioned surreptitious or covert entry team.


Students who enroll will receive a high quality basic locksmithing tool kit.  All of the hand tools, commercial lock picks and course materials become the property of the attendees sponsoring department and are the students to keep.


The tuition, including all tools, supplies, materials & course materials is $1,795.00 per student for this Covert Methods of Entry I course.


We have thousands of dollars of state of the art locks, locking devices, tools, computers, visual aids and other equipment systems exclusively dedicated to our surreptitious entry training; but, students are especially encouraged to bring to class any entry related item, device or system which their Department or Agency already owns.  Our instructors will show you step by step how to use your own equipment.  We don't need it for class instructional purposes, but we will be happy to teach you how to use any such equipment you already own.

Tuition Payment

Full and complete payment in the form of a government contract, check, money order, cash or credit card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard) must be received by CTCGS at least five (5) working days prior to the first day of class, unless other prior arrangements have been made with CTCG-Solutions.

Additional Info

For information pertaining to Course Registration; please contact CTCGS directly at (954) 658-5598 & speak to Deanne Gentile or email;  For online pre-registration,