Digital Imaging and Photography


Digital Photography for Surveillance/Reconnaissance

40 plus hours POI that will teach the surveillance officer, or tactical close target reconnaissance (CTR) operator how to use digital still and video imaging equipment to consistently produce high-quality evidence, or intelligence (analytical) photographs and video images. This is a heavy hands-on the cameras and computer course which not only teaches the student how to consistently take high quality pictures, but will also teach them how to download, and encrypt the digital images on site and then how to transmit them securely via the internet to virtually anywhere in the world.

Digital Photography for Surveillance/Reconnaissance Level II

This one week, five day, sixty (60) plus hours POI will provide the attendees with the intermediate knowledge and additional hands-on-the-equipment skills necessary to use still and video digital imaging systems as well as special computer processing equipment and related techniques to consistently capture, store, electronically process and produce high quality, high definition digital images under widely variant lighting conditions in densely populated, semi-permissive, urban settings. This POI will have strong emphasis on the techniques required for those whom are responsible for creating intelligence briefings. It will also incorporate a series of carefully structured and progressively more difficult scenario-driven hands-on-the-camera practical exercises designed to replicate various “real world” environmental conditions and typical semi-permissive urban operational situations. The training will be conducted during the daytime and at night, well after the hours of darkness.

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