Government Services


Logistics, Supply Chain, & Fleet Management:

CTCG's Government Services Division is focused on providing process-oriented, cost-effective logistics and transportation solutions. We offer full-spectrum support to meet our customer's Fleet Management, Supply Chain, and Logistics requirements worldwide.

   • Vehicle Leasing

   • Vehicle Maintenance

   • Fuel Transportation

   • Logistics

   • Fleet & Asset Management

   • Land, Facilities & Life Support



Close Protection VIP Security:

We provide seasoned quiet professionals for low-profile close protection VIP security and risk management operations to high-profile clients in the entertainment industry as well as industrial, corporate, governmental, and diplomatic clients in high threat volatile areas of operation.


CTC Capture & Proposal Consultants:

Our Proposal Development Team Includes SMEs for pursuit validation, pipeline tracking, and proposal development through submission.
  • Strategy Facilitation (Blue Team)
  • Capture Plan Development
  • Win Themes / Discriminators
  • Competitive & Risk Assessments
  • Proposal Management

  • Section Coordination (Tech./Price Vol.)

  • Technical Writing (Pink/Red Team)

  • CONOP & Graphics Development