Exploitation of Motor Vehicles Courses


Covert Vehicle Installation

This 40 plus hour course which will teach each student the basics of 12VDC automotive electrical systems; how to remove & re install seats, upholstered surfaces, panels and trim; and how to install and conceal video and audio surveillance equipment systems in a motor vehicle that is to be used in undercover, street level narcotics enforcement, or other more sophisticated covert reconnaissance operations which are facilitated with the use of a “plain” undercover vehicle.

Vehicle Remote Control Operations

This 40 plus hour POI is devoted to teaching the officer how to design, fabricate, covertly install and operate various technical devices and systems in a motor vehicle that may be used as “bait” for car thieves, or will be “given” to hostage-takers who demand an escape vehicle. These clandestine technical installations will provide officers and operators with the capability to remotely shut-down the vehicle; lock all doors & windows; turn-on/off video cameras, activate multiple microphones, and RF transmitters; sound the horn; activate the lights and four-way emergency flashers, remotely activate the airbags, etc., via a remote controlled RF “switch” transmitter/receiver system.

Vehicle Entry, Access & Concealment Techniques

This 40 plus hour vehicle POI, which focuses on teaching the attendee how to surreptitiously open the vehicle; locate and easily access “hidden space” areas and voids in foreign or domestic vehicles. This POI will have special appeal to those officers who need to covertly install TTL devices, or other technical surveillance equipment; and special military operators who need to conceal weapons, commo gear, special clothing, equipment, documents, money, etc., while operating in a foreign environment. Students will be taught how to do this work using a minimal number of readily available normal hand-tools.

Tactical Acquisition of Vehicles & Motorcycles (AT/FP)

This program deals with the special requirements and equipment limitations imposed on military operators. The POI teaches students how to enter, unlock the steering column, or handlebars, start the engine and “take” most vehicles, boats, motorcycles, construction equipment, or farm implements in five (5) minutes, or less. Instruction is also provided on how to escape from a hostile vehicle in the event of capture.