Physical Surveillance Courses


Physical Surveillance Operations (AT/FP)

This 40 plus hour basic program of instruction which teaches the officer or investigator the how-to’s of physical surveillance operations. The course covers a variety of subjects that are essential to any investigator who will perform surveillance duties. Specific instruction will be provided on how to plan and conduct fixed, foot and mobile surveillances in urban and suburban areas. PRACTEX’s will require the students to participate in a series of scenario-driven foot and vehicle surveillances.

Surveillance Detection & Counter-surveillance Operations (AT/FP)

This 40 plus hour, five (5) day POI is designed to teach the attendees how to discreetly detect hostile surveillance activities, and once detected will provide each student with a variety of methods and special techniques which will tend to render many such activities ineffective. It will focus on physical and technical surveillance techniques used by foreign police and intelligence agencies to observe and monitor the activities and movements of individuals operating in both permissive and non-permissive environments.

Threat Identification Thru Behavioral Patter Recognition (BPR) AT/FP

This intense one day, (8 plus hour) AT/FP program will teach each attendee how to use special surveillance methodologies: BPR, i.e.; situational awareness, personal awareness, cultural awareness and third party awareness techniques to recognize, identify and defeat this threat by learning how to spot suspicious behavior. It will also teach the attendee how to apply “best practice” counter-terrorism measures learned from both the NYPD and the Israeli Security Services. They will also be exposed to lessons learned from Israel’s Anti and Counterterrorist experience; and how to realistically apply these same successful methods in the USA with emphasis on – what works and what does not.