Technical Training - Course Catalog


Technical Surveillance Operations

An intense 40 plus hour, hands on the equipment course especially designed for those officers who must use, or supervise the use of covert audio and RF intercept equipment systems in support of undercover law enforcement investigations and operations. This course will teach the basics of investigative DC electronics and how to use technical investigative equipment to consistently produce evidence quality digital, or analog audio recordings.

Digital Imaging & Photography

40 plus hours POI that will teach the surveillance officer, or tactical close target reconnaissance (CTR) operator how to use digital still and video imaging equipment to consistently produce high-quality evidence, or intelligence (analytical) photographs and video images. This is a heavy hands-on the cameras and computer course which not only teaches the student how to consistently take high quality pictures, but will also teach them how to download, and encrypt the digital images on site and then how to transmit them securely via the internet to virtually anywhere in the world.

Physical Surveillance Operations

This 40 plus hour basic program of instruction which teaches the officer or investigator the how-to’s of physical surveillance operations. The course covers a variety of subjects that are essential to any investigator who will perform surveillance duties. Specific instruction will be provided on how to plan and conduct fixed, foot and mobile surveillance's in urban and suburban areas. PRACTEX’s will require the students to participate in a series of scenario-driven foot and vehicle surveillance's.

Exploitation of Motor Vehicles

This 40 plus hour course which will teach each student the basics of 12VDC automotive electrical systems; how to remove & re install seats, upholstered surfaces, panels and trim; and how to install and conceal video and audio surveillance equipment systems in a motor vehicle that is to be used in undercover, street level narcotics enforcement, or other more sophisticated covert reconnaissance operations which are facilitated with the use of a “plain” undercover vehicle.

Surreptitious Entry Operations

Consists of a focused 40 hour program of formal instruction and intense hands-on-the-locks PRACTEX’s relating to the opening of the majority of key operated locks likely to be encountered by an officer or operator ordered to conduct a covert, or surreptitious entry on behalf of his agency, pursuant to a valid court, or military order. Specific instruction will be provided on lock picking, lock by-pass and other acceptable covert, surreptitious or clandestine entry neutralization measures to include key impressioning and lock modifications.